Donald Trump Comedy Resource Page - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

Donald Trump Comedy Resource Page

On Tuesday, September 1st 2015, this page was born under a great ideal. That a perpetual motion machine was possible. But not in the realm of physics, in the realm of comedy.

We have created a perpetual motion machine…. self-writing comedy. The Trump Presidential Run is so perfectly constructed for humor as to make self writing comedy possible. Behold! Behold! Look upon it! It is yet small and young but it will groweth!

Donald Trump Reveals Details of Economic Plan (photos)

Untitled design-2

Donald Trump to Replace Statue of Liberty With Depressed Cocktail Waitress (photo)

When Faith Gives Reason a Backrub-4

Donald Trump Reveals Plan to Deport the Statue of Liberty

Text here-2


Donald Trump Weighs in on Mt. McKinley/Denali Naming Controversy (photo)

Donald Trump Weighs in on Mt.McKinley_Denali

Donald Trump Admits Undergoing “Pear-shaping” Procedure to Be Accepted Among Wealthy Hedonist Class

Trump shaping evidence

More to come soon. Plenty more to see tho, plenty… click your heart out plz!

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