Da Vinci: Trump Unfit to Use the Toilet Machine - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

Da Vinci: Trump Unfit to Use the Toilet Machine

Leonardo Da Vinci recently came back from the dead only to be shocked and horrified by the prospect of  a Donald Trump Presidency.

Shortly after rising from the dead, Da Vinci went to a busy Target store, stood up on the counter, and proclaimed,

“Donald Trump is absolutely unfit to be the President of the most powerful country in the world! Your society has developed a source of incredible destructive power!

The great inventor continued,

“It not only flushes your poops at your own convenience, you can send those poops to other places! You cannot let a madman like Donald Trump gain control of the toilet machine!

Da Vinci stressed that in his day they didn’t have weapons that could kill millions with a single flush and that we were, “dumber than a rock” if we entrusted the, “toilet codes” to Trump.

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