Trump: 'The Moon is Made Entirely of Green Cheese' - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

Trump: ‘The Moon is Made Entirely of Green Cheese’

“Buzz Aldrin sounds like a made up name,” said Donald Trump shortly after blasting the media for disputing his claim that the moon is made entirely of green cheese.

After saying  in a press conference, “the moon is made of green cheese” Trump says the media has taken this out of context. He blasted the media as propounding, “fake news” for allegedly misinterpreting him,

“This is fake news people. It’s all fake. I never said the moon was made of green cheese. But the lying liberal media won’t tell you that!  I meant that the moon is only partly made of green cheese. There could be also some gouda, swiss cheese, and moon-people. But the media wont tell you that!”

The next day Trump denied the entire exchange happened and then punched me in the face.

The eighty-seven year old Buzz Aldrin offered to meet with the President to explain to him that the moon is not made of green cheese but is made of minerals such as olivine, clinopyroxene, and orthopyroxene.

The President responded by saying, “I’ll fit him into my schedule right after my meeting with Bugs Bunny and the X-Men.”

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