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Trump & Hillary are NOT the Same: A Passionate & Evidenced Case

This was a response to someone who said Hillary and Trump are really the same and so who cares who wins? Maybe you could just vote for Trump?

The first part of this post responds to objections about Hillary, and the second is my evidential case for why Trump is not the same as Hillary, and must be stopped.

This was written before many of the more recent Trump scandals but nonetheless there is a lot to go on.

Responding to Objections Against Hillary

Response to Hillary lied!

I will proceed entirely granting you every one of these things you said about Hillary lying. However, I am not even convinced that many of these things cannot just be explained by being a human (and a secretary of state) and having a thousand crucial things to remember.

She lied to the FBI!

Interestingly your own statements are contradicted by the FBI themselves who said that Hillary never lied to them.

Granting for the Sake of Argument: Hillary lied about her emails, made mistakes with Benghazi etc…

But, all of these things considered, I will simply for the sake of argument assume every single one is correct and see what follows.

Even if I grant you 100% all these things all it would show is that she is a human being. If you show me a human being who never lied I will show you a flying pig.

The fact that there has been years of investigation and a fib over an email is what people consider dangerous? If she is so dangerous they would have found much more.

Lying about Benghazi?

About a video? In the heat of a moment… when the cause of a terrorist attack is not easy to discern… this is what you compare to Trump?

The reality about lying

Thank God we don’t treat our personal lives the way we do politicians for everyone in the world you meet would be untrustworthy to even wash your car. That one person in the history of your life calls you a liar as secret service agent did? Find someone who never experienced that and I will find you a person who never has gone out of doors.

Forgive me for getting worked up… it is not you that I am worked up about, it is the world. For if Trump is elected I fear this moment will go again down in history as another example of how Christians have once again been on the wrong side of history, with their bibles “by their sides.” Not a conclusion I came to lightly or from liberal bias but from my assessment of the facts.

Hillary… just as racist as Trump?

You say:

“Hillary on the other hand has a record of racial bias, remember the super predator comments she made.”

My response:

  • If it was, “black people are all super predators, and white people can not be” it would show racism. However, that is not the case.
  • Even if there was some subtle bias or racism what year was it? Everyone had suble bias or racism. Even today many well meaning people have a subtle bias that they need to over come.
  • And on another note, it is almost comical to suggest the woman constantly defending the black community when they speak up about racism from the police, somehow hates black people herself. It is just beyond belief.

You say:

“and how she was a Goldwater girl, and how she claimed Robert Byrd, a former KKK member, was her “friend and mentor.” 15 years ago, he was still using the N word……”

  • I listened to the Bill Clinton’s speech about Byrd someone posted before and Bill said that Byrd spend his entire life repenting of his racism. Bill wasn’t defending racism he was defending having mercy on people repenting and denouncing their racism. That is a big difference. This was, at least in the mind of people who knew Byrd, a man who hated his past and wanted to change it. Even if it wasn’t sincere your conclusion remains unproven.

Now Take Trump

These things would not happen in a novel, because no one would believe it.

– He opened his presidential candidacy by claiming the majority of undocumented immigrants are rapists and killers.

– He challenges 1.5 billion Muslims to jihad by saying things like “Islam hates us.”

Experts who study terrorism say that the above comment is the special sauce needed to grow terrorist organizations and possibly the worst and most dangerous thing you could do if you want to keep America safe and win the war on terrorism.

– He clearly and openly justifies violence at his rallies (I’ve never imagined anything like this outside of the Soviet Union or some other terrible situation).


– The leader of his own party said he had the, “textbook definition of a racist comment”

– The legend of the KKK (not just some random member), David Duke, is so convinced Trump is advancing racism that he said (and I am not making this up) it was “treason to your [KKK] heritage not to vote for Trump.

He wants us to threaten get out of NATO, the military alliance that was set up to stop WWIII (after lessons from WWI & WWII)

– He defends the dictator of Russia on charges of killing of journalists

Reputable political theorists are comparing Trump to Hitler

Anne Frank’s stepsister <— reputable source on Hitler, compares Trump to Hitler

– Reputable Jewish groups, who know how serious his comments are, called his rhetoric bigoted and dangerous.

– Prominent members of his own party could not in good conscience even attend the ceremony that crowns him the nominee.

– The person who wrote the Art of the Deal with Trump has not been able to sleep since Trump declared his presidency because he was sincerely afraid Trump’s election.

– He has donated all of the money he made from royalties from the best selling book because he felt so guilty that he could have helped such a man become President.

He, the person Trump trusted to get to know him enough to write this book, literally said Trump was a sociopath and he,

“Genuinely believe[s] that if Trump wins and gets the nuclear codes, there is an excellent possibility it will lead to the end of civilization.” (source)

– The historian Ken Burns <– reputable source…historians are the ones who know historical context and whose expertise allow them not to be taken up by the exaggeration of the moment, said that Trump is a, “terrifying Orwellian statesman.

– There is an entire Facebook page with highly credible historians giving serious warnings about what could happen if you elect Trump.

Trump operates on a machismo that literally throws morality to the curb. (see below)

– His morality leads him to insult an American war hero’s torture in an enemy prison because he was captured.

– His morality leads him to mock the mental disabilities of handicapped people.

– His morality leads him to tell a woman her husband cheated on her because she couldn’t satisfy him.

– His morality leads him to publicly tell people their wives are ugly.

– He constantly breaks his word… it is like nonstop lying (I recall within the space of about 5 minutes after one of the debates)

– He is the definition of vindictive. (anyone paying attention will see that *anyone who challenges him* is insulted at the lowest level.. no matter if he is insulting their physical handicap)

– He is the definition of unrepentant. Never have I seen someone who refuses to apologize about virtually anything. He won’t even apologize for insulting the mentally handicapped reporter or the war hero McCain.

– He is the definition of lust – he was literally the steroetype of lust when he was younger. The Simpsons & Back to the Future 2 literally use him as the evil playboy character.

– His shamless unrepentant morality could undercut the basis society needs to function. (he is a public example who many people follow. Kids are especially vulnerable.) As Ken Burns said, he will create an enviornment where the truth doesn’t matter.

– He is being investigated for RICO charges (racketeering charges)

– He is being sued for fraud (Trump University), and it the case suggests his company is guilty of fraud

– He admits he bribes politicians (it would not be believed he would still be taken seriously for this if it were a novel)

– He has repeatedly retweeted messages from known white supremacists.

– His own father was probaby in the KKK (arrested at a KKK rally, and was clearly racist himself as can be seen by the legal action against him at the time)

– When asked if we should “get rid of” all Muslims he said he would look into that.

– When asked if he would condemn all white supremacist groups he said he would have to know which (white supremacist) group.

– He has had known mob ties.

– His actions are fit the definition of a biblical fool like a glove (see this video). A biblical fool is told he will get destruction in the bible.

The man who admits bribing politicians gave a lot of money the Florida Attorney General and the case was dropped shortly after.

– He repeatedly refuses to pay his contractors.

– He is the definition of a liar. He lies within the space of a few minutes. Politifact ranks his statements as 70% mostly false to pants on fire lying. I don’t know what better way to say it but I didn’t know lying this much was even possible.

– He refuses to release his tax returns (he may be worth little to nothing, have mob ties… who knows?)

– His casino was fined 200k for kicking out black people because of Trump’s mobster friend. (true story)


And there is lots more. Many if not most of these were from the last year or last few years (recent evidence). Rather than continuing with more, these seem completely sufficent to suggest that, as Ken Burns suggested, we should literally put our lives on hold to do everything to keep this man from becoming the most powerful man in the world.

Authors note: this was written over a month ago so I am aware there are now many more things which could be added to this list.

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