Trump: "Open Conning" Makes Me Different from other Politicians - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

Trump: “Open Conning” Makes Me Different from other Politicians

“America is sick and tired of politicians who try to hide their schemes from the American people,” said Trump, “while I am deeply committed to being proud of being an asshole!”

Trump surrogate Jack Spark claimed that there were three types of people in government,

  1. People who are basically honest
  2. People who con the American people
  3. People who con the American people and are proud of it

While we have seen 1 & 2 before, Spark said that Donald Trump is the first person to be proud of being a conman.

By 2018 Trump plans to replace the congressional ethics committees with, “committees to promote being proud of being an asshole.” For too long, said Trump, Americans have been ashamed to be assholes, but, “I alone can fix it.”

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