How Trump's Opposition Can Actually Be Effective - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

How Trump’s Opposition Can Actually Be Effective

I remember watching one protest going on outside of a Trump speech during the campaign. The interviewer pointed out that the protestors were just like this mindless mob. They were trying to go to where they thought Trump would be arriving at. So they would just run to different parts of the building randomly. It was chaos.

They were like confused sheep, not sure where to go or what to do. They had no agreement, no clearly defined path.

They had no leaders.

Follow the Leader

Without leaders that we follow we are like those protestors, we are like confused sheep running every other direction. Easy to be exploited by anyone because we are so ineffective.

That is how it looks now. Sheep who are easy prey for wolves.

During that campaign it looked chaotic and at least then there was Hillary’s campaign to organize some (however imperfect).

Evan McMullin: The Perfect Leader for this Moment

Ok no one’s perfect, but he has stepped up as a fearless critic of Trump and leader of his opposition.

I would recommend everyone get behind him. Here’s why…

  • You can trust him

    • He risked his life for this country
    • He obviously cares about protecting our Democracy. He fought for it at the CIA & clearly cares about it now.
    • His message is pure. He is only preaching the exact same message of the founders. That we all have inalienable rights and freedoms. If you have a problem with that you have a problem with American Democracy.
    • He isn’t afraid to risk his life even now. He isn’t afraid of Trump. He isn’t saying anything illegal but certainly he is pissing off Donald Trump. If Trump does actually abuse his power Evan would be a prime target. People who risk their lives for a cause clearly believe in the cause. And his cause is a moral and American one.
  • He knows what he is doing

    • As a CIA agent he worked in life or death situations sometimes under authoritarians. I don’t know what else he did but I could imagine him being trained from the greatest intelligence service in the world to handle situations exactly like this one.
    • He is brilliant. You can tell by how he outplays Trump. It almost looks like he has the same training as Putin (McMullin was CIA, Putin was KGB) with the significant difference being the KGB has nor morals.

Here is his Twitter page where he usually posts his newest comments. Keep up to date with them.

How to Follow a Good Leader

Imitate him. Pay attention to not just what he says but how he says it. He is careful with his words (not wanting to be unfairly arrested) but also potent and bold. Be careful with yours but also be fearlessly bold.

Work together with others. Throw aside all differences. Keith Olbermann said during the campaign that he would take George Bush in a second over Trump. Have that attitude. Worrying about differences like that are cancer to every important movement and history shows it.

Still think critically. Even good leaders can be wrong. You don’t have to follow them blindly or indefinitely.

Lastly, you won’t hear this from everyone but I would urge you to pray. Pray for guidance. Pray for direction. And pray for hope and pray for love and pray for salvation of the whole human race. Pray that like Christ we will all be faithful no matter what happens. And remember that with Christ love never fails.

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