Trump: I'm Not Losing the U.S. Election Because the U.S. Does Not Exist - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

Trump: I’m Not Losing the U.S. Election Because the U.S. Does Not Exist

This morning, Donald Trump became the first Presidential candidate in U.S. history to claim the United States does not exist.

Later in the day, Kellyanne Conway defended the statement in the Debate an Indefensible Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer. Conway said,

It is absolutely absurd to suggests the United States actually exists. A country is by its nature an abstract concept. You can’t prove abstract concepts actually exist. For example, can you find “love” and put it in a test tube? Could you put courageousness in a test tube? You can’t prove these things aren’t just an imagination created by your mind.

In the same way there may be an army that swears allegiance to a country, even a wall on a border, but all of those things are things a country has but aren’t the country itself. If everyone stops believing the U.S. exists, there will be no U.S.A. It is all an idea in your mind.

So, yes, Trump is losing in U.S. polls because the United States does not exist. I find it beyond belief that the corrupt mainstream media continues to suggest America exists.”

Trump also blasted Barack Obama for thinking he was the President of an actual country that existed, “the so called Obama presidency is nothing more than equivalent of a person walking around in a suit for the last eight years and talking to the sidewalk.”

We tried to call Mayor Giuliani for comment but he was instructed by the Trump campaign to claim phones do not exist.

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