Trump: No Apology for Making News Reps Fight Rats - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

Trump: No Apology for Making News Reps Fight Rats

Donald J. Trump is still refusing to apologize for forcing his cable news representatives to fight inhumanly large rats.

Trump has repeatedly claimed that the 2 hour rat fight every one of his representatives have to win, “develops character” and reminds them that,

If they underperform on cable news, they’ll be thrown back into the cage with the 1′ 6″ genetically engineered rat we call, Ratzilla.”

Donald Trump remains unashamed, defending the practice by saying,

“I went through this too as a child! My father used to make the servants fight rats while I watched! I’m not asking them to do anything I wouldn’t watch myself!”

An intercepted conference call with his reps shows he is ordering them to defend the practice, and if they don’t, he instructed them to, “plan for a nice, relaxing evening with Ratzilla.”

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