Trump to Spend Weekend Shooting Supporters - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

Trump to Spend Weekend Shooting Supporters

At least your are not a politician” said one supporter as Trump caught him with a bear trap, threw a grenade in his direction, and shot him in the leg just for the heck of it.


Actual photo of bear trap used by Trump

Donald Trump has gone back on his campaign promise to, “make America great again” and replaced it with a promise to, “kill you in entertaining and exciting ways.” He also made it clear he planned to, “make the hunger games look like the, little girly girl games for GIRLS (Russians excluded of course)!”

Trump apparently is filling this promise by spending the weekend shooting supporters in the woods near one of his homes in upstate New York. Trump got them to go by assuring them that he wouldn’t take their health insurance if they met him in a secluded spot in the woods.

Thousands came and after a few hours, gunshots rang out and the people began to scatter. Trump’s helicopter showed up dangling a giant battle-ax at the end of a long string which he proceeded to swing aimlessly into the crowd.


Trump helicopter-2
Trump’s helicopter. Battle axe not shown in photo.


Shouts were heard saying things like, “this is really fun!” as he machine gunned and carpet bombed the rest.

Only one was allowed to survive, and only for publicity… so he could tell the media what happened which Trump believes will buy him at least a day of free media coverage.

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