How Trump Silences his Wives & Everyone Else? - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

How Trump Silences his Wives & Everyone Else?

Below is an excerpt of Trump’s “postnuptial agreement” with Ivana Trump,

Without obtaining Mr. Trump’s advance written consent, Mrs. Trump cannot publish, or cause to be published, any diary, memoir, letter, story, photograph, interview, article essay, account, or description or depiction of any kind, whether fictionalized or not, concerning their marriage or any other aspect of Mr. Trump’s personal, business, or financial affairs. She also could not assist or provide information to others in connection with the publication or dissemination of any such material or excerpts.” (source)

So basically it looks Trump’s wife can’t say anything about their marriage or Trump himself without Trump’s written consent!

And while Ivana has been more positive about Trump (though what else is she allowed to be?), it isn’t clear that Marla Maples would be. If she is under a similar agreement she may legally not be allowed to say anything about Trump.

Release the Emails? Release the Witnesses!

How many other people in Trump’s life are legally gagged? According to Tony Schwartz, Trump’s Art of the Deal coauthor, pretty much everyone. But doesn’t America have the right to hear from the people who know Trump, what Trump is like? If he is going to call for Hillary Clinton’s emails to be released* how about Trump releases witnesses to his character from legal gag orders?

*seems to be happening anyway

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