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Trump: “I Would Consider Giving the Statue of Liberty a Nose Job”


During a conversation on immigration this morning, Donald Trump appeared on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.

During the interview, Wolf asked Trump for specifics on how he would, “make America great again,” to which Trump replied,

“There is not a lot you haven’t heard… you know… beat China… we are going to beat China so bad… we are going to win… I guess there is one more thing… the Statue of Liberty’s nose is a little flat… and I’m not afraid to say it… I would consider straightening it out…”

Blitzer,¬†looking shocked, replied, “I just want to confirm, are you saying that you would give the Statue of Liberty a nose job?

Trump replied,

“Yeah… I would look into that… I mean… you can’t blame France, they don’t know any better… a lot of French people will tell you that they tend to have noses that are… you know… in need of a little gentle moulding… plastic surgeons do great in France… I know ton of French plastic surgeons and they will be the first to tell you…”

Later in the day Trump’s campaign released a statement saying that Trump had,

“Nothing he needed to apologize for. Many people have suggested that the Statue of Liberty could use some visual improvements both with the nose and the cup size.”

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