Trump in the 80s: The *Unchallenged Symbol* of Sin - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

Trump in the 80s: The *Unchallenged Symbol* of Sin

1980s: The 7 Deadly Sins Go Mainstream

After the 80s ended, American culture seemed to be aware that obvious sins had become acceptable. Sins that culture used to assume were clearly wrong, and unacceptable had been mainstreamed. As Julie Hinds wrote in a 1990 issue of Journal News,

“the original seven [deadly sins] are pride greed, lust, gluttony, envy, anger and sloth… that is, they were until recently. In the last 10 years, the seven deadlies have shifted rapidly from venal to mainstream. Remember how “Wall Street’s” Gordon Gekko said greed is good?

A 1990 edition of the Santa Cruz Sentinel called the 80s the, “Greed Decade” and in the same year the Orlando Sentinel noted the “celebration of greed” in the 80s and many recent books noting this 80s phenomenon.

Greed was good. Sin was celebrated, and the 80s had a symbol for their sin…

Donald Trump: The Symbol of Their Sin… And They Knew It

A 1988 New York Times article noted,

“Mr. Trump has positioned himself as a symbol of the values of this age… when greed and power are celebrated and selfishness triumphs over the commonweal.”

The Orlando Sentinel stated in 1990,

“the Donald’s position as a symbol for an over-reaching decade remains unchallenged.”

A political cartoon around the same time said,

More than any other individual, Donald J. Trump represented all that was grotesque about the 80s.”

Neil Sheehan of the Ausbury park press agreed, writing in 1990 that,

“…Trump, perhaps more than anyone else, represents the boom time of the 1980s — a period of unprecendted economic growth, exorbitant excess and unabashed greed.”

In a 1990 Journal News article Julie Hinds lists all of the “sins of the 80s” with a, “special thanks to Donald Trump, who is currently guilty of them all.

Theological Implications

In light of these things, it provides powerful reason for Christians to think that Trump’s 2016 election was not a positive thing but represented God giving us up to our own sin. We have elected the symbol of sin.

What does that say about us? What does that say about what we should expect for the USA the near future? It seems to suggest very negative things on both fronts. What can a Christian say but “repent?”

To be continued…

It seems that Trump didn’t just represent sin in the 1980s but people seemed to beg him to run for president. Why? Contemporary commentators said this was because, Donald Trump, the symbol of sin, represented their values.

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